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Mine Blocks 1.22.6


Mine Blocks 1.22.6 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.22.6
  • Description
    • For those love exploring and crafting in Mine Blocks, Mine Blocks 1.22.6 welcomes players with its new features. Now, the problems about the inventory have been fixed, and the game has added wolves, dogs, bones, cookies, skeletons, seven fresh wool colors, six new stylish dyes, and so on. Those new characteristics of this updated version promise to give you big surprise and enjoy the game to the full. Hey, guys! Are you ready to move, destroy blocks, and craft things?

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  • Instructions
    • You move by means of ASWD, mine all blocks with the left mouse, and place them with the left mouse-Shift. More specific instructions can be found at Instructions, and the answers to popular issues are at FAQ.

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