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Mine Blocks 1.23

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Mine Blocks 1.23 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.23
  • Description
    • Now, let’s explore great things on Mine Blocks 1.23 land! Here are some new features in this game: gold armor and armor bar as well, both endermen and blazes, updated achievement system, updated explosion particles, skyholds, and plenty of other things are fixed and added.

      Mine Blocks has been a vast and amazing world for those players who have a strong sense of adventure. Being the only human in this huge world requires players to do many tasks in order to survive. Playing Mine Blocks games does not remind us the importance of independence and the need of developing our imagination. Besides Mine Blocks 1.23, our site has other versions of Mine Blocks. We love having you here to enjoy Minecraft games.

  • Instructions
    • You mine resources with the mouse. You move by hitting WASD. If you have any difficulties in understanding this game, please access Instructions and FAQ for support in Mine Blocks 1.22.6.

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