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Mine Blocks 1.24

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Mine Blocks 1.24 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.24
  • Description
    • Mine Blocks 1.24 game is connected many players together since they share something in common. They like challenging themselves by exploring and making many items, and they are fond of being alone and nurturing their valuable imagination ability. How about you? How long haven’t you allowed yourself to explore a strange world and tested your abilities? Come to the land named Mine Blocks 1.24 and enjoy completing tasks to make sure that you can survive and satisfy your spirit of adventure. Are you ready to walk, cut, chop, dig, explore, and craft?

  • Instructions
    • In this world, please use ASDW keys to move, use the left mouse to break blocks and craft, and use the combination of the left mouse and Shift to put blocks.
      You can find further information at FAQ (where has the responses to common problems while playing the game) and Instructions (where gives you details of the game such as, movements and steps to accomplish a task). After you finish playing this game, you can play Mine Blocks 1.23 more

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