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Mine Blocks 1.25 Online


Mine Blocks 1.25 Online Detail

Mine Blocks 1.25 Online
  • Description
    • Many new things in Mine Blocks 1.25 are waiting for satisfying your needs. It includes new experience, chanting, stairs, afro, better inventory, coal block, half slabs, repaired red stone issues, fixed bugs and glitches, and so on. Your stay in Mine Blocks 1.25 becomes much more enjoyable. Other updated Mine Blocks are available on our website. Enjoy them!

  • Instructions
    • Hit either ASDW or arrow keys to move. Use the left mouse to get blocks and craft. Press Shift key and the left mouse to put blocks.

      If you are a new player in Mine Blocks type of game, you can go into Instructions to get quick useful tips. Some simple crafting recipes are provided so that you know how to craft wooden planks, sticks, tables, pickaxes from different materials, fu
      aces, chests, ladders, and torches. In addition, steps to do a task such as making a farm or portal is described briefly. It is very interesting when you spend a lot of time with playing Minecraft Hunger Games

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One Review to Mine Blocks 1.25 Online

  1. Killer on April 20th, 2016 11:21 pm

    I gota say mine blocks 1.27 is the best but there all good so play any of them and thanks ZANZALANZ