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Mine Blocks 1.26.5

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Mine Blocks 1.26.5 Detail

Mine Blocks 1.26.5
  • Description
    • Once again, do you like travelling and crafting cool things in Mine Blocks 1.26.5 world? Since Mine Blocks game have got beautiful love from fans, so Mine Block producer has upgraded this type of game continuously to meet more players’ needs. Mine Blocks 1.26.5 is a piece of evidence to show that producer has not stopped to improve the quality of this game. What are the differences between Mine Blocks 1.26.5 and other previous versions? We hope you are pleased with the new features of Mine Blocks 1.26.5, such as skins, bug fixes, slimes, Minecarts, commands, lemons, and rainbow blocks.

      Many players have commented that they love the game so much, especially skins. Join the community and leave your comments and post your products as well! In addition, other versions of Mine Blocks can be found on our site as well including the newest one like Mine Blocks 1.27.

  • Instructions
    • You enable to move in this world with A S D W or arrow keys. You dig, craft, and build with the mouse. Find more details of how to move, mine, or complete tasks in Instructions! There, you will get primary information about Mine Blocks game.

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