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Minecraft Avoider Adventure


Minecraft Avoider Adventure Detail

Minecraft Avoider Adventure
  • Description
    • Guys, you must teach Steve how to face enemies in Minecraft Avoider. Steve has been in Minecraft world for a long time and he has to face enemies so many times. However, while his enemies are evolved rapidly, his fighting skills are not better.

      Lately skeletons also have made weapons such as arrows to defeat Steve easier, and creepers’ strength is increased dramatically. Now, each time creepers hit humans, creepers can destroy humans completely instead of reducing their health.

      Therefore, Steve must know how to cope with skeletons and zombies. That is why Minecraft Avoider game is established. If you train Steve hard, he can survive and stay longer in this mysterious and amazing Minecraft land. His future is in your hand, so please teach him your skills! Furthermore, since this version has several new cool features, the training time must become more exciting.

  • Instructions
    • + You can use WASD or arrow keys to move.
      + You teach him how to use the mouse to aim and shoot arrows.

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