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Minecraft Creeper Diamond Online

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Minecraft Creeper Diamond Online Detail

Minecraft Creeper Diamond Online
  • Description
    • Welcome you to skill game category! today is Minecraft Creeper Diamond game. It is about a brave creeper’s mission. Since creepers have been defeated by Steve so many times, they have a formal meeting to find a way to win Steve. One old wise creeper who has the most blocks on his body suggests that the community should find the diamond in the Dark cave to make a knife. However, none has succeeded before and lost their lives.

      While people are hesitating because they are afraid of death, a creeper volunteers to enter the Dark cave, which is very dangerous, to look for diamond. He wants to do this because he hates Steve so much. Before Steve comes, Minecraft is a peaceful and mysterious place. Now, many people from the Earth are in his land. They dig and build odd buildings on his land crazily. He needs something to force humans to come back their homeland.

      Help him and show off your clever movements in Minecraft Creeper Diamond!

  • Instructions
    • + The cave is filled with deadly lava and slippery rocks. He really needs to move skillfully.
      + If not, he has to restart the game.
      + He jumps with Spacebar key and moves with arrow keys and.

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