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Minecraft Flash Mini Game


Minecraft Flash Mini Game Detail

Minecraft Flash Mini Game
  • Description
    • span>Now, we invite you to another game called Minecraft Flash. Minecraft Flash is a section of Minecraft world. This is very small that you may surprise.

      Different from most of other Minecraft games in the adventure category, the character does not have enough space to move or discover. In addition, he has to face some creepers which love tasting his meat. Wow, how scrumptious a boy’s meat is! Yes, creepers are so keen on catching and swallowing him as soon as possible.

      Thus, your first aim must be protecting him, and your second aim is to make him enjoyable in Minecraft Flash. Could you do it? Hey, fans of Minecraft games! Have you played Minecraft Avoider, Mineraft Tower Defence, or Mine Blocks in our site?

  • Instructions
    • - The mouse is used to break blocks. Actually, you only mine blocks in the gray mountain.
      - You restart the game by clicking at TNT.
      - WASD keys help him move in this game.

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