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Speed Miner Minecraft

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Speed Miner Minecraft Detail

Speed Miner Minecraft
  • Description
    • What you will do in Speed Miner game is to destroy blocks as fast as you can. If you are proud of the speed of your fingers and you love destroying blocks, you ought not to miss this game.

      That is the way you get points. Since they are arrow blocks and especially you do not have a lot of time, please make sure that your fingers move properly on the arrow keys.

      Usually you have around 60 seconds in each stage, which is not so long. However, it is a way to test how quick your movements are. This is the third Speed Miner. If you are interested in this type of game, visit Speed Miner 1 and Speed Miner 2 which is simpler. Thank you for playing Speed Miner 2 at our game site.

  • Instructions
    • You hit corresponding arrow keys to break arrow blocks.
      Shift key is used to activate TNT.

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